How To Relieve And Avoid Stress

The most common thing that happens to people nowadays is being stressed. You can be stressed at home or at work. There are many things that cause stress. Being healthy physically and mentally can help you get through things that may give you stress.

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Each person is different when it comes to what causes them to be stressed. Some people get stressed with simple things while others become stressed of things that bothered them for a long time. Learn more about what causes stress and how to avoid them:

10 Causes of Stress (and How to Avoid Them)

In recent decades, stress, its causes and our bodily response to stress have been the subject of numerous psychological studies. Today, stressful events tend to fall into one of three key categories:

Acute – Short-term events which do not last long but if traumatic, can have a lasting impact on us.

Episodic … Read more